DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2021-09-08HartfordCtTrinity Health of New EnglandThigh(s)Injured by physical contact with person while restraining, subduing-unintentional
A nurse was performing a restraint on a combative patient and sustained a tear to his quadriceps that required surgery.
2021-05-27QuincyIlQuincy Medical Group (QMG)Thigh(s)Other fall to lower level less than 6 feet
At about 1:30 p.m. on May 27, 2021, an employee was carrying a 4-by-6 plywood panel down stairs from a second floor to a mezzanine. The employee fell at the last or second-to-last step and landed on the floor. Both of the employee's knees were injured, with quadriceps tendons torn from the kneecaps. The employee was hospitalized and underwent surgery.
2021-05-05ClevelandOhCleveland-Cliffs Cleveland worksKnee(s) and leg(s)Other fall to lower level less than 6 feet
An employee was on a concrete landing about 5 inches high. His left knee buckled when he stepped down. He was hospitalized with a torn quadriceps tendon and a fractured kneecap.
2021-02-08Highland ParkIlFedEx ExpressThigh(s)Fall on same level due to slipping
An employee was walking back to his truck after delivering mail when he slipped and fell on snow and ice in a driveway, resulting in torn quadriceps in the upper left leg that required hospitalization and surgery.
2020-09-23BoiseIdBoise Steel ErectorsThigh(s)Other fall to lower level less than 6 feet
An employee was walking down a wooden staircase and lost his footing. He fell approximately 4-5 feet and suffered a major tear(s) to his quadricep muscles.
2020-04-09LincolnCaliforniaTHUNDER VALLEY CASINO RESORTThigh(s)Fall on same level due to tripping over an object
At 1:00 p.m. on April 9, 2020, an employee was turning to walk away from his truck when he tripped on a flatbed cart and fell to the ground. He landed on his knees and sustained injury to the knees and quadriceps tendon.
2020-01-29Jefferson ParkIllinoisPeoples Gas & LightThigh(s)Struck by object or equipment dropped by injured worker
Two employees were removing a meter inside a customer's establishment to perform a meter transfer. The injured employee was lowering the meter when he lost his grip and it slipped from his hands, striking his left thigh. He suffered a ruptured quadricep in his left thigh.
2020-01-24MerrickNew YorkRyder Integrated Logistics Inc.Thigh(s)Fall on same level due to tripping
An employee tripped and fell while unloading a pallet. The employee suffered a head laceration and a torn quadriceps.
2020-01-23BostonMassachusettVerizonThigh(s)Other fall to lower level
An employee fell while walking down an exterior stairway and tore a quadriceps muscle from the bone.
2020-01-02MilfordConnecticutR & R Freight Service. LLCThigh(s)Other fall to lower level less than 6 feet
An employee fell while exiting a tractor, landing on the ground about 4 feet below. He suffered a torn quadriceps muscle and was hospitalized, undergoing surgery.
2019-09-23MontclairNew JerseyPublic Service Electric & GasThigh(s)Other fall to lower level
An employee was coming upstairs from a basement when his foot was caught in a hole in a step. He fell backward and tore his quadriceps. He was hospitalized for surgery.
2019-09-09Mingo JunctionOhioJSW Steel USA Ohio, Inc. Thigh(s)Climbing or stepping up or down-single episode
An employee was climbing down a ladder. He was on the second rung when he felt his quadricep pull. He requiring hospitalization and surgery for a detached right quadricep muscle.
2019-08-15MidlandPennsylvaniaA&T Stainless MidlandThigh(s)Climbing or stepping up or down-single episode
An employee was beginning to descend a three-step stairway when he lost balance and suffered a partially torn quadriceps tendon.
2019-08-06TiogaNorth DakotaMinnesota Limited, LLCThigh(s)Climbing or stepping up or down-single episode
While stepping onto the track of a bulldozer, an employee sustained a bilateral quadriceps tendon rupture. He was hospitalized.
2019-03-10East BostonMassachusettJetBlue Airways CorporationKnee(s) and leg(s)Fall on same level due to slipping
An employee was walking on tarmac between airport gates when he slipped on ice. He suffered a torn left quadriceps and a broken patella.
2018-07-03Toms RiverNew JerseyShoprite Thigh(s)Fall on same level due to tripping over an object
An employee tripped and fell over a cart, rupturing the left quadricep and requiring hospitalization.
2018-04-04EastonPennsylvaniaAbarta Coca-Cola Beverages, LLCThigh(s)Fall on same level due to slipping
An employee was pulling a hand truck of soda up the steps to deliver to a customer. At the doorway, the employee stepped on a brass plate that was wet, slipped, and fell, tearing the quadriceps muscle.
2018-02-23PittsburghPennsylvaniaAllegheny Health NetworkThigh(s)Fall on same level, n.e.c.
An employee was walking in a hallway and went to step over a pen when his knee gave in. The employee fell and sustained a bilateral quadriceps tear.
2017-09-27OkeechobeeFloridaCharles IndustriesThigh(s)Fall onto or against object on same level, n.e.c.
An employee tripped on an office chair and struck his knee on a table, tearing his quadriceps tendon and requiring hospitalization.
2017-08-22TraffordPennsylvaniaEdward Marc Brands, Inc.Thigh(s)Fall on same level
An employee was pushing a trash cart to the dumpster when he fell onto the pavement. He twisted his left knee and suffered detached quadricep muscles in both legs, requiring hospitalization.
2017-06-14LincolnIllinoisFedExThigh(s)Other fall to lower level less than 6 feet
An employee missed the last step while getting out of the cab of a truck and fell to the ground, tearing the right quadriceps.
2017-04-20WilmingtonDelawareWhiting-Turner Contracting CompanyKnee(s)Other fall to lower level less than 6 feet
An employee was walking from his office to his personal vehicle in the parking lot. As he descended some wooden steps, he slipped and fell down 3 to 4 stairs to the asphalt parking lot, tearing the quadricep tendons in both of his knees. He was hospitalized and had surgery.
2017-03-15CambridgeMassachusettThe Charles Stark Draper Labratory, Inc.Thigh(s)Fall on same level due to slipping
An employee was walking in the parking garage, slipped on ice and fell striking the right knee on the ice and concrete. The employee was hospitalized for a torn right quadricep.
2017-03-14RochesterNew YorkFedEx Ship CenterThigh(s)Fall on same level due to slipping
An employee was delivering packages, slipped on ice and tore their quadriceps which required surgery and hospitalization.
2017-02-04NewryMaineSunday River Skiway Corp.Thigh(s)Injured by physical contact with other person in sporting event or physical training
An employee was snowboarding to perform a routine trail check when a guest snowboarder collided with the employee on the trail. The employee suffered a broken leg and quadricep lacerations.
2016-10-22WaterburyConnecticutFrontier CommunicationsThigh(s)Other fall to lower level
While he was descending outdoor concrete stairs at a customer's premises, and the employee's knee gave out. He fell to the ground and tore his left and right quadriceps.
2016-08-16HarrisburgPennsylvaniaUSPS - Lower PaxtonThigh(s)Other fall to lower level less than 6 feet
An employee slipped and fell while descending from a damp porch at a residence, rupturing a quadricep tendon in the left leg.
2016-07-20WebsterNew YorkCrane-Hogan Structural Systems, IncThigh(s)Injured by slipping or swinging object held by injured worker
An employee was operating a circular saw when their vest got caught up in the saw. The employee's right quadricep was lacerated.
2016-05-16VallejoCaliforniaU.S. Postal ServiceKnee(s) and leg(s)Climbing or stepping up or down-single episode
While walking, an employee stepped up and over a curb instead of using a ramp. The employee's knees gave way, resulting in injuries to both knees and quadriceps. The employee required surgery.
2016-01-07BridgeportConnecticutDattco Inc.Thigh(s)Other fall to lower level less than 6 feet
An employee fell/tripped on the bottom step as he exited a bus, falling to the asphalt pavement and landing on his knees. He tore his left and right quadriceps and required surgery.
2015-12-07PardeevilleWisconsinAlliant Energy CorporationKnee(s)Fall on same level, n.e.c.
An employee was standing on the ground, pulling overhead cable using fish tape. The fish tape broke or detached from the cable, causing the employee to fall to his knees. He tore quadriceps tendons in both knees.
2015-11-16Mont BelvieuTexasTarga ResourcesThigh(s)Climbing or stepping up or down-single episode
An employee was walking toward his truck. When he stepped down to the ground from the sidewalk with his right leg, he felt a pop. He fell to his knees and could not stand up, experiencing tingling and loss of feeling in both legs. He suffered a serious muscle strain to both quadriceps.
2015-09-15JacksonvilleFloridaBlack Knight Financial ServicesThigh(s)Other fall to lower level
An employee was going down the stairs when he fell on his right knee. The employee was admitted to the hospital for surgery on his right quadriceps.
2015-01-05PerryOhioPerry Nuclear Power PlantThigh(s)Slip without fall
An employee walking from the parking lot en route to his assigned work area slipped, tearing his quadriceps tendon. The employee was discharged from the ER, but later returned to Lake West hospital that evening and was admitted. The employee has since been scheduled for surgery.