DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2021-10-16RyeCoVision Air HVAC, IncChest, except internal location of diseases or disordersOther fall to lower level 11 to 15 feet
An employee was taking dimensions on a low porch roof. He fell to the floor 10 feet 9 inches below, suffering broken ribs on the right side.
2021-10-11La FayetteInUnited States Postal ServiceThigh(s)Other fall to lower level
An employee was delivering mail when they stepped off a front porch, heard a pop in their knee, and fell to the ground, resulting in a broken femur.
2021-08-06ZelienoplePaRose Liberty CorporationHead and trunkOther fall to lower level 11 to 15 feet
An employee was stepping off a ladder onto a porch roof. The employee fell backward off the roof to the ground about 10-12 feet below, suffering a broken back, fractured ribs, and a fractured skull.
2021-06-11ClaremontCaUnited Stated Postal Service- La VerneAnkle(s) and leg(s)Fall on same level, n.e.c.
A USPS mail carrier was walking to a resident's door with a heavy parcel. As the carrier moved from the side of a carport to reach the front porch, the parcel hit the top of the carport. The carrier fell backward and suffered a broken right fibula, tibia, and ankle.
2021-03-24SpringfieldIlUnited States Postal ServiceMultiple body partsOther animal bites, nonvenomous
A letter carrier went up on a porch to deliver mail to a home when a dog came out of an open window in the screen door and attacked her, biting the left side of her face. A second dog also attacked, biting her on the right calf. The employee was hospitalized and required reconstructive surgery on her facial wounds.
2021-03-22WillacoocheeGaFreedom Trailers, LLCMultiple body partsIgnition of vapors, gases, or liquids
An employee sprayed glue on the porch of a trailer. He then grabbed a drill to remove two screws and a spark from his drill ignited the fumes from the glue, burning his face, arms, and legs.
2021-01-02Saint PetersburgFlU.S. Postal ServiceHand(s)Other animal bites, nonvenomous
A mail carrier was bitten by two dogs while delivering mail on a porch. The employee sustained injuries to their hand.
2020-08-21TewksburyMaU.S. Census Bureau, New York Regional Census CenterUpper and lower limb(s)Other fall to lower level
On August 21, 2020, a census worker was on a residential porch. The resident opened the screen door and the resident's dog lunged at the employee, causing the employee to fall off the porch and suffer a broken ankle, a broken leg, and a dislocated shoulder.
2020-08-18SpringfieldOrU.S. Census BureauChest, except internal location of diseases or disordersGored or rammed by animal
A census worker was on a house porch, asking the homeowner questions. A dog ran out of the house and knocked her off the porch to the ground. She suffered broken ribs and a twisted knee.
2020-07-23Lake CormorantMississippiThe Gutterman Company, Inc. Thigh(s)Other fall to lower level 6 to 10 feet
An employee was preparing a house for gutter installation. The employee got off a ladder and stepped onto the porch roof to remove shingle strips. He then fell 9 to 10 feet off the roof, landing on the lawn and breaking his right femur.
2020-05-27PhoenixArizonaU.S. POSTAL SERVICEElbow(s)Fall on same level due to slipping
On 5/27/2020, an employee was delivering mail to a residence. The employee approached the porch between a car and the yard, then stepped off the paved walkway and slipped on the mud on the irrigated yard. The employee fell, landing on the ground and sidewalk, and sustained a broken right elbow and abrasions to the knee.
2020-05-18Defuniak SpringsFloridaBrookdaleJaw, chinFall on same level
On May 18, 2020, a nurse was leaving a home after caring for a patient. She fell to the floor of the home's porch, suffering a hairline fracture to her jaw and an injury to her left leg resulting in damage to an artery. She was hospitalized.
2020-04-13BirminghamAlabamaUnited Parcel ServiceLower leg(s)Other animal bites, nonvenomous
On April 13, 2020, a UPS employee was returning to her package car after making a delivery to a customer's porch. When the customer opened their door to retrieve their package, a dog ran out of the house and bit the employee's right calf. The employee was hospitalized.
2020-02-03HoxieKansasSheridan County HospitalLeg(s)Other fall to lower level
An employee was leaving a client's home after delivering food. While stepping down in the icy conditions, the employee fell from the porch to the ground and suffered compound fractures to her left leg. She was hospitalized.
2020-01-18Fort WorthTexasJack's Roofing LLCUpper and lower limb(s)Other fall to lower level
An employee was working with a crew on a roof to remove the existing concrete tile and underlayment. He walked down to the eave of the roof with his rope to install the new underlayment. While installing the underlayment, he slipped off of the roof onto the concrete porch below, fracturing his arm and leg.
2019-08-14LagrangeGeorgiaDanny Adkins ConstructionBrainOther fall to lower level
An employee was preparing to leave a roof when he slipped and fell to the porch below, striking his head; he then fell over the porch to the ground, where he struck his head again. LLCCoccygeal regionAnimal and insect related incidents, n.e.c.
On July 7, 2019, an employee arrived at a gated residence to deliver a shipment. The front door was located in the rear of the residence past the garage. To access the front porch, the employee entered the gated property. The employee was then attacked by a dog and hopped over the fence, hitting the ground and landing on the tailbone. The employee was hospitalized with fractured vertebrae.
2019-04-29Northern CambriaPennsylvaniaUnited State Postal ServiceAnkle(s)Climbing or stepping up or down-single episode
An employee was delivering a package and suffered a dislocated ankle while stepping off a porch. The injury required surgery.
2019-04-24PittsburghPennsylvaniaA. Martini & CompanyMultiple body partsOther fall to lower level 6 to 10 feet
An employee fell approximately 9 feet from a porch roof to the ground below while installing a metal roof. The employee was hospitalized with tailbone and vertebrae fractures.
2019-02-15DecaturGeorgiaLimas Construction, LLCUpper and lower limb(s)Fall through surface or existing opening 16 to 20 feet
An employee stepped off a ladder onto a 5-foot-wide porch roof. The roof collapsed, and the employee fell with it to the ground about 18 feet below. The employee suffered wrist and leg fractures and facial lacerations.
2018-08-27Snowmass VillageColoradoLuis Ortiz Roofing BrainOther fall to lower level more than 30 feet
An employee climbed onto the fourth story roof of a multi-family structure to begin installing flashing around chimneys. As he stepped to connect his lanyard to a lifeline, he slipped on synthetic felt covering the roof and fell approximately 30 feet onto a porch overhang, before falling about 10 more feet onto a concrete driveway. He was hospitalized with a fractured upper front right rib, a laceration to the back of the head, a concussion, and abrasions to the face.
2018-03-27Mount OliverPennsylvaniaUSPSNeck and backStruck, caught, or crushed in other collapsing structure or equipment
An employee was on a porch delivering mail to a residence when a portion of the porch gave way. Debris from the porch struck the employee, causing back and neck injuries.
2018-03-27DilleyTexasTri-Element Inc.Multiple body partsOther fall to lower level 11 to 15 feet
An employee was standing on a porch that was 13 feet from the ground and was tying off to a hand rail when another employee from a different company took out the pin that stabilized the porch. The porch swayed, causing the employee to fall to the ground. The employee suffered a broken collarbone, four broken ribs, one lung bruise, and a head injury that required stitches.
2018-03-01Des PeresMissouriCON-TECH CARPENTRY, LLCLower leg(s)Other fall to lower level less than 6 feet
An employee was standing on an A-frame ladder approximately 3 to 4 feet off the ground, attempting to install a porch ceiling soffit, when the ladder and employee tumbled to the ground. The employee's leg was pinned in a rung of the ladder, fracturing the tibia and fibula. The ladder was placed on loose fill rock at the time of the incident.
2018-02-08AltoonaPennsylvaniaU.S. Postal ServiceThoracic regionOther fall to lower level
A employee suffered a T6 vertebra fracture after slipping on ice and falling down residential porch steps.
2018-01-31CanonsburgPennsylvaniaSung Ho HamBack, including spine, spinal cordOther fall to lower level
An employee fell off an 8-foot ladder while performing residential construction, hitting the porch surface below and tearing ligaments in his back. He was hospitalized.
2018-01-18WigginsMississippiUS Postal ServiceAnkle(s)Other fall to lower level
An employee slipped and fell on ice while stepping from a customer's porch, fracturing the left ankle.
2017-09-04Villa RicaGeorgiaTriple G Framing IncBack, including spine, spinal cordOther fall to lower level
An employee lost his balance and fell to the ground while transitioning from the top of a porch into a man lift. He injured his back.
2017-08-03PortsmouthOhioUnited States Postal ServiceHip(s)Fall on same level
An employee was approaching a residence to deliver mail when he stepped onto the porch and fell, fracturing his hip. He was hospitalized overnight.
2017-06-30DunedinFloridaBill Shields Roofing, Inc.Chest, except internal location of diseases or disordersOther fall to lower level 11 to 15 feet
An employee fell approximately 12 to 14 feet while installing felt on the porch area of a commercial roof, suffering a broken clavicle, broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and head trauma.
2017-06-30EllinwoodKansasWoodhaven Care CenterAbdomen, except internal location of diseases or disordersStanding, standing up-single episode
An employee was on the front porch, pulling out weeds from the flower bed. As she stood up, she felt pain in her stomach area. She was hospitalized overnight for surgery.
2017-06-15Saint Clair ShoresMichiganU.S. POSTAL SERVICEKnee(s)Fall on same level due to slipping
An employee walked onto a residential house porch to deliver mail. As the employee was coming down from the steps, the employee stepped on a stone embedded into the cement causing the employee to slip and fall landing on the left knee, causing an open wound.
2017-04-08Santa Rosa BeachFloridaClassic Coatings, Inc.Upper and lower limb(s)Other fall to lower level 21 to 25 feet
An employee was installing concrete moldings when he fell from the third floor porch and fractured his right femur and right wrist. He was hospitalized.
2017-01-31HockessinDelawareWALLWORKS, INCBrainOther fall to lower level 6 to 10 feet
An employee had been working on a lower-sloped porch roof and was preparing to get off the roof to have lunch when he noticed a four-foot level was getting close to the edge of the roof. The employee reached for the level and slipped on snow or ice or some other moisture and then fell off the roof approximately ten feet to the ground. The employee was hospitalized for a head injury.
2017-01-26MansfieldOhioUS Postal Service #38-4851Ankle(s)Fall on same level due to slipping
An employee was delivering mail and slipped on a residential porch fracturing an ankle.
2016-10-01BridgeportWest VirginiADT SecurityForearm(s)Fall on same level while climbing stairs, steps, or curbs
On October 1, 2016, at approximately 2:30 p.m., an employee was going up the front porch steps of a private residence to make a sales call when he fell on the concrete porch and landed on his right elbow, fracturing his right ulna. He required surgery and was hospitalized.
2016-08-16HarrisburgPennsylvaniaUSPS - Lower PaxtonThigh(s)Other fall to lower level less than 6 feet
An employee slipped and fell while descending from a damp porch at a residence, rupturing a quadricep tendon in the left leg.
2016-07-19SelbyvilleDelawareGKJ Painting LLCUpper and lower limb(s)Other fall to lower level 6 to 10 feet
An employee fell off a porch roof approximately 10' above the ground and was hospitalized for a broken ankle and shoulder.
2016-06-23Saint PetersburgFloridaGreystone Home Health, LLCArm(s)Fall on same level
An employee, visiting a patient at home, fell on the front porch and broke an arm.
2016-05-26WeatherfordTexasUnited States Postal ServiceKnee(s)Fall on same level, n.e.c.
An employee was returning to her vehicle after delivering a parcel to the front porch of a house when she rolled her left ankle on the sidewalk. She then lost her balance and fell to the sidewalk, fracturing her right patella.
2016-05-09ColumbusGeorgiaUSPSLeg(s)Fall, slip, trip
An employee was delivering mail at a resident's address when the resident's dog exited the house. While trying to get away from the dog, the employee fell in a pond on the resident's porch, suffering a broken leg and compound fracture.
2016-04-22ZellwoodFloridaIndustrial Container Services - FL, LLCFinger(s), fingernail(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery, n.e.c.
While an employee was unloading drums onto the cut porch, he bumped a drum behind him, which had his cell phone on top of it, causing the cell phone to fall into the cutter. When he attempted to retrieve the cell phone from the cutter area, his right thumb and index finger were amputated right before the knuckle at palm level.
2016-04-19CummingGeorgiaGeorgia SE Gutters, LLCMultiple body partsFall from collapsing structure or equipment 6 to 10 feet
An employee was installing metal roofing on a porch roof when the supporting pole collapsed. The employee fell approximately 10 feet to the ground, fracturing his elbow, pelvis, and two ribs.
2016-02-22OrlandoFloridaBuilder Service Group, Inc.Lumbar regionOther fall to lower level
An employee installing gutters on a house fell off an extension ladder that was sitting on a porch roof. He then rolled off the porch roof to the ground and was hospitalized with a compression fracture of the lower back.
2016-02-02HermanMinnesotaU.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census BureauLower leg(s)Fall on same level due to slipping
On or about February 2, 2016, at 3:00 p.m., an employee was attempting to initiate an in-person survey at a private home when the employee slipped on ice located on the home's porch, fell on a knee, and fractured the left fibula.
2015-12-15AmarilloTexasUS Post OfficeBrainFall on same level due to slipping
An employee suffered a head injury when he slipped on a customer's porch and fell.
2015-12-04Greenwood VillageColoradoEagle Stucco LLCArm(s)Other fall to lower level less than 6 feet
A stucco crew set up two A-frame scaffold frames inside a 10x10 enclosed porch area and placed some planks between the frames. The ground that the scaffold was on was not level or solid. A worker climbed on the planks between the frames and began applying stucco to the walls. One of the frames slipped and fell over causing the worker to fall to the ground breaking his right arm in a manner that requires surgery. He also suffered scrapes and bruises.
2015-11-30KingsvilleTexasKing Ranch Inc.Knee(s)Fall on same level due to slipping
An employee stepped out onto the damp porch, slipped, and fell injuring her left knee.
2015-10-24KingwoodTexasAOC Home HealthKnee(s) and leg(s)Other fall to lower level
While working at a private residence, a nurse fell backwards off a porch onto the concrete below. The employee broke her left tibia and dislocated her knee.
2015-09-18MetairieLouisianaRenovate, IncMultiple body partsOther fall to lower level 6 to 10 feet
An employee was working on an enclosed balcony putting up flashing between the balcony and the porch. The employee went on the outside of the balcony. He was holding on to the railing when it became loose and he fell approximately nine feet to the ground below injuring the hip, shoulder, ribs and lung.
2015-02-15Fort Walton BeachFloridaOkaloosa Gas DistrictBODY SYSTEMSExposure to other harmful substances
A technician was called out for a gas leak. The Tech was "smelling" out the gas with a meter. He had been around the residence and crawled under the porch. He moved some pesticide bottles the owner had under the porch. When he moved them they released a gas that struck him in the face.