DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2021-11-03WestervilleOhFeldkamp Enterprises, Inc.Back, including spine, spinal cordFall through surface or existing opening
An employee stepped into a water-filled plumbing pit while looking at an overhead HVAC duct. The employee was hospitalized, suffering from back pain.
2021-08-19AustinTxConstruction Metal ProductsFingertip(s)Compressed or pinched by shifting objects or equipment
Employees were sliding a 12-foot steel column when one employee's right hand was caught between the column and a metal plumbing sleeve. The employee's little fingertip was amputated at the first knuckle.
2021-06-28Fleming IslandFlAldridge & Sons Plumbing Contractors, Inc.Knee(s)Kneeling, kneeling down-repetitive or prolonged
On June 28, 2021, an employee spent a long period kneeling while performing plumbing services at a commercial establishment. His left knee swelled and he was hospitalized, suffering from a bacterial infection.
2021-02-02WilmingtonDeTrinity Health CorporationFinger(s), fingernail(s)Injured by slipping or swinging object held by injured worker
An employee was working to unjam the cable of a plumbing machine when his rubber glove got caught on the cable and caused an amputation to his right middle finger.
2020-10-19KissimmeeFlProgressive Plumbing, LLCThigh(s)Other fall to lower level 6 to 10 feet
An employee was on an A-frame ladder marking locations for brackets to hold plumbing pipes in the ceiling and wall. The employee was about 8 feet high on the 12-foot ladder when he lost his balance while reaching to mark a location for a bracket and fell from the ladder onto the floor. The employee injured his face, eyes, shoulders and sustained a broken right femur.
2020-10-03BeevilleTxUAG Ventures AC, LPLeg(s)Overexertion involving outside sources
An employee had been digging a 3-foot hole to perform plumbing activities. The employee sustained a leg cramp and was hospitalized.
2020-07-22BirminghamAlabamaRJ MECHANICAL INC.Multiple body partsFall from collapsing structure or equipment
An employee was climbing an extension ladder to install plumbing test plugs on a second level. Once the employee had ascended to the top of the ladder, it collapsed and the employee fell to the ground below. The employee was hospitalized with spinal injuries and broken bones in his feet.
2020-07-10JacksonvilleFloridaBetros Plumbing Contractors, Inc.BrainOther fall to lower level
An employee had been doing plumbing work at a warehouse. At the end of his shift, he was stepping into his truck when he lost consciousness, fell backwards, and struck his head on the concrete. He was hospitalized.
2020-06-29Mexico BeachFloridaSouthern Blue Construction incMultiple body partsExcavation or trenching cave-in
At 1:45 p.m. on June 29, 2020, an employee was installing plumbing at the bottom of an excavation, about 5-7 feet deep, when the side of the excavation collapsed and fell on him. He suffered fractures to the ribs, collarbone, and pelvis and was hospitalized.
2020-05-15MargateFloridaFergus EnterprisesElbow(s)Fall on same level due to tripping
While carrying boxes filled with plumbing stock, an employee tripped and fell. His left elbow struck the floor and was shattered.
2020-05-05Hopewell JunctionNew YorkTechtron Environmental, Inc.Hand(s)Nonstructural fire, n.e.c.
While installing plumbing in a clean room, an employee contacted a white powdery substance that burst into flames. The employee suffered thermal burns to the hands.
2020-03-26AustinTexasPrism ElectricChest, except internal location of diseases or disordersFall on same level due to tripping over an object
An employee was unrolling waterproof conduit on a roof. He tripped over a fall protection anchor installed in the roof and fell backwards onto a 3-inch plumbing vent pipe that extended 14 inches above the roof. He suffered several cracked ribs.
2020-03-18ChicagoIllinoisKole Construction CompanyLeg(s)Fall on same level due to tripping over an object
An employee was performing taping work, tripped over plumbing that was coming out of the floor and fell. The employee sustained a broken right leg.
2020-02-26ColumbusOhioALLIED MINERAL PRODUCTS, LLC.Multiple head locationsStruck against stationary object or equipment, n.e.c.
Two employees were in a scissor lift removing a plumbing piece from the side of a building. The lift moved unexpectedly in reverse instead of down and the injured employee struck his head on a structural beam on the side of the building. He bounced back and struck his head on the rail of the scissor lift. The injured employee was hospitalized for head and face injuries.
2020-01-20ConshohockenPennsylvaniaDM Sabia & Company, Inc.Chest, except internal location of diseases or disordersOther fall to lower level 6 to 10 feet
An employee was plumbing a wall when he fell from a 6-foot-4-inch scaffold, landing on the ground and suffering broken ribs and cuts on his head.
2019-09-06OrlandoFloridaTHARP PLUMBING SYSTEMS, INC.BODY SYSTEMSExposure to environmental heat
An employee had been helping with plumbing work at a jobsite. The employee experienced cramping and was hospitalized with dehydration and heat exhaustion.
2019-08-07Canal WinchesterOhioUniversal Enterprise Inc.Lower leg(s)Struck against stationary object or equipment
An employee was installing plumbing when sharp metal scratched and cut the lower part of his leg.
2019-04-05WhitfieldMississippiUpchurch Services, LLCBODY SYSTEMSStings and venomous bites
An employee was repairing plumbing under the crawl space of a residential dwelling when a spider bit the employee's abdomen, causing an infection that required hospitalization.
2019-03-14WillistonNorth DakotaSelid Plumbing & Heating, Inc.Finger(s), fingernail(s)Struck by swinging part of powered vehicle
While installing underground plumbing, an employee was holding a PVC pipe straight as a skid steer backfilled the pipe. The skid steer bucket struck his fingers, resulting in a left index finger amputation.
2019-01-20BrownfieldTexasHaliburton Energy ServicesArm(s)Struck by falling object or equipment
A piece of plumbing was being removed from a piece of equipment (blender) between the discharge pump and the tub. The piece of plumbing slipped out of the clamp and fell onto an employee's right arm, fracturing it.
2018-08-30SpringTexasNew Abacus, LLCBODY SYSTEMSExposure to environmental heat
After checking the plumbing in a residential customer's attic, an employee pulled his truck into a local park to perform paperwork. A bystander found him slumped over the wheel. He was hospitalized for dehydration and pneumonia. Heat may have been a contributing factor.
2018-04-12ScotlandvilleLouisianaAerotek Staffing & RecruitingAnkle(s)Fall on same level due to tripping on uneven surface
An employee was planning to walk into the slab area to inspect some plumbing work prior to a concrete slab pour when he stepped up on the perimeter slab formboard with his right foot and then stepped in a bleeder ditch (located outside the slab area) with his left foot. His right ankle then got in a bind and broke, causing him to fall to the ground outside of the slab area.
2018-02-06WatertownSouth DakotaMenard, Inc.HeadOther fall to lower level less than 6 feet
While descending a ladder platform in the plumbing department, an employee missed the last step and stumbled. The employee's head hit the floor, requiring staples and hospitalization.
2018-01-25DecaturIllinoisKelly General Construction Company of DecaturLower leg(s)Struck by object falling from vehicle or machinery-other than vehicle part
Two employees were aligning a head pulley with a tail pulley on a vertical leg/bucket conveyor. The injured employee was measuring the distance from the tail pulley to the plumbing string at the lower level when he was struck by a 2x2x6 angle iron weighing approximately 14.64 lbs. that came loose while the coworker, 130 feet above, was repositioning it. The angle iron fractured and severely lacerated his lower right leg, requiring hospitalization and surgery.
2018-01-11AlvinTexasBrandSafway SolutionsAnkle(s)Other exertions or bodily reactions
An employee was installing a metal jacket onto a 12" plumbing line. He was on a slope, lost his footing and rolled his right ankle. This resulted in a dislocated and fractured ankle.
2017-09-20Gulf ShoresAlabamaGriffin Mechanical Contractors, Inc.BODY SYSTEMSExposure to environmental heat
A temporary employee was working on a new construction job site conducting plumbing related activities and suffered dehydration and heat stress. The employee was hospitalized.
2017-09-16AlmaWest VirginiJay Bee Oil and Gas, Inc.Multiple body partsIgnition of vapors, gases, or liquids
On September 16, 2017, at approximately 11:00 a.m., an employee and two vendor employees were repairing a tank dike liner with a heating iron. Flammable condensate leaked from the plumbing at a hammer union on ground level going to the condensate tank. The heat gun ignited the vapors resulting in third degree burns to the injured workers' hands and face. One employee was hospitalized.
2017-08-29Hialeah GardensFloridaDOWNRITE ENGINEERING CORP.BODY SYSTEMSExposure to environmental heat
An employee suffered a heat-related illness while installing plumbing.
2017-01-17Bay ShoreNew YorkSOUTHSIDE HOSPITALNonclassifiableContact with hot objects or substances
An employee was burned by hot water during plumbing activities.
2016-10-10WashingtonDistrict Of Pinto Construction, Inc.Upper and lower limb(s)Pedestrian struck by forward-moving vehicle in nonroadway area
An employee was standing on the floor while plumbing a line on a wall when a passing scissor lift struck the employee, breaking the employee's left fibula and left shoulder blade.
2016-09-07ValatieNew YorkMerit Plumbing & Heating LLCNonclassifiableStruck, caught, or crushed in other collapsing structure or equipment
Two employees were conducting plumbing operations at a construction site when a lull operator hit a beam, causing a roof collapse. Both employees were struck by a beam, requiring hospitalization.
2016-06-15StillwaterOklahomaTradesmen InternationalBODY SYSTEMSExposure to environmental heat
An employee suffered heat exhaustion while conducting plumbing activities.
2016-05-26WyncotePennsylvaniaM.W. Donnelly Inc.NonclassifiableOther animal bites, nonvenomous
While doing plumbing work at a resident's home, the worker was bitten by the home owner's cat. The worker was admitted into the hospital for treatment when the wound became infected.
2016-05-25WatongaOklahomaTestco, Inc.SkullExplosion of pressure vessel, piping, or tire
An employee was plumbing in a separator on a natural gas line that had pressure in it. The line blew up and knocked the employee to the ground, spraying him with dirt and rocks. He fractured his skull and suffered cuts to his arms.
2016-05-18FayettevilleArkansasElkhart Products Corporation (EPC)Finger(s), fingernail(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery during maintenance, cleaning
The employee was operating a Hydro T machine that produces copper plumbing fittings. The employee was clearing a jam and amputated the left middle finger and lacerated the left ring finger.
2016-05-12Citrus HillsFloridaBCH Mechanical, Inc.BODY SYSTEMSExposure to environmental heat
An employee was driving home after working on underground plumbing when he started to feel cramping in his legs and fingers. He was hospitalized overnight for dehydration.
2015-11-21DenverColoradoUtah Mechanical Contractors, Inc.Finger(s), fingernail(s)Injured by slipping or swinging object held by injured worker
An employee performing plumbing work was hospitalized after the hole hawg drill he was using caught his glove and amputated his right pinky finger.
2015-11-09BedfordMassachusettF.W.WEBB CompanyLumbar regionOverexertion in holding, carrying, or wielding-single episode
On or about November 9, 2015, an employee hurt his lower back while moving a 55-pound box of fittings (plumbing supplies) from a push cart to the pallet jack. He was hospitalized with an ergonomic injury that affected the lumbar region of his spine.
2015-11-09Fort CollinsColoradoNeuworks Mechanical Inc.Finger(s), fingernail(s)Entangled in other object or equipment
On 11-9-2015, at 11:00 a.m., an employee was using an electric plumbing coil snake to clear out a drain when the coils wrapped around his left hand and fingers. His left index finger had to be surgically amputated.
2015-06-22SpringfieldMissouriGOLD MECHANICALJaw, chinStruck by dislodged flying object, particle
On a worksite managed by Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, an employee of Concrete Coring Company of St. Louis, was drilling a hole in bedrock using a core drill. Employees of Gold Mechanical, a plumbing contractor on the worksite, were conducting a live test of piping using pneumatic air. The injured employee was working adjacent to a pipe included in the live test. A cap from the pipe was propelled at a high velocity by the pneumatic air and struck the injured employee in the face and fractu