DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2021-05-15CochrantonPaVitro Flat Glass, LLCMultiple body partsOther fall to lower level 6 to 10 feet
An employee was cleaning an area between silos/platforms. The employee stepped onto an area between silos and fell 10 feet onto enclosed conveyors below. The employee was hospitalized with fractured ribs and a fractured/dislocated shoulder.
2021-02-05GlassboroNjDemountable Concepts Inc.Leg(s)Struck by falling object or equipment
Four employees were attempting to modify an approximately 10 ft. high by 10 ft. long non-assembly single piece metal scaffold system on wheels and lay it on its side in order to replace 2 x 8 wooden platforms. The scaffold kicked out while the employees were tipping it over and the scaffold fell onto an employee's left leg resulting in a compound fracture.
2020-07-21SpringdaleArkansasRio Verde Framing LLCMultiple trunk locationsOther fall to lower level more than 30 feet
An employee had been conducting framing work. The employee was laying plywood to a window opening and was leaning against the guardrail. The guardrail gave way and he fell from the third floor. He struck a beam on the second floor and landed between two concrete platforms in the grass. The employee sustained multiple injuries including a compressed fracture with retropulsion at the L2 vertebra, a pelvic fracture, and a non-displaced sacral alar fracture.
2020-06-22HoustonTexasAlamo Concrete Products CompanyUpper and lower limb(s)Other fall to lower level 6 to 10 feet
An employee was climbing a ladder between platforms on a ready-mix plant while holding a hose in one hand. The employee then slipped and fell approximately 10 feet from the ladder to the platform below, fracturing the right knee and elbow.
2020-01-10North CharlestonSouth CaroliHi Trak Staffing, Inc. BODY SYSTEMSBites and stings
An employee was stung by an insect while working aboard a ship in the shipyard constructing platforms, requiring hospitalization.
2018-05-17Robins A F BGeorgiaU.S. Department of the Air ForceNonclassifiableFall through surface or existing opening 6 to 10 feet
An employee was attempting to step from a step platform to a mobile telescoping stand. There was a 21-inch gap between the two platforms and the employee fell 8 feet down to the platform below, suffering multiple body injuries.
2017-07-08FlushingNew YorkSkanska WalshLumbar regionOverexertion in lifting-single episode
Two employees were stacking and organizing wooden temporary work platforms on dunnage when the injured employee heard a pop in his lower back while lifting a platform. The employee suffered two herniated discs in his lower back.