DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2018-08-20EnterpriseFloridaFlorida United Methodist Children's Home, Inc.BODY SYSTEMSInhalation of harmful substance-single episode
An employee was repairing an AC unit and had pumped down the refrigerant to the outside unit. His gauge read less than 0.1 psi and he therefore began to remove a joint using an acetylene turbo torch. However, a quantity of the refrigerant unexpectedly leaked under pressure and was ignited by the torch. This created phosgene gas, which the employee inhaled, causing coughing, nausea and irritation to his throat and lungs. He was hospitalized.
2015-10-23FlowoodMississippiKrogerBODY SYSTEMSInhalation of harmful substance-single episode
A maintenance technician was repairing a Freon leak in the flora cooler. The technician placed a fan at the cooler to disperse the Freon, but he was exposed to phosgene gas. The technician became disoriented and almost passed out.