DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2021-07-23RochesterNhDMR Industries Inc.Lower extremitiesStruck by falling object or equipment, n.e.c.
Two employees were trying to get a cardboard sheet from behind 24 pieces of cold-rolled steel sheets that were leaning against a wall. One employee was supporting the sheets from the front as the other was removing the cardboard. The sheet metal started to tip forward, knocking the first employee to the floor and causing an injury to her right ankle that included broken bones, cut tendons and nerves, and a partial amputation.
2020-07-14IliffColoradoDINKLAGE FEED YARD, INC.Neck, except internal location of diseases or disordersNonroadway noncollision incident, n.e.c.
An employee was driving a loader with pipes attached to the bucket. The loader's rear wheels left the ground while it was driving down a hill. The employee then lowered the bucket and the loader began bucking. The employee was thrown around inside the cab. He was hospitalized with a compressed disc in his neck and pinched nerves.
2020-05-06PekinIllinoisFLSmidth Inc.Hand(s) and finger(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery during regular operation
On May 6, 2020, at approximately 7:45 p.m., an employee stopped a lathe and pulled a nylon strap through the center of a 13-inch long, 8-inch diameter part. The nylon strap was attached to a jib crane, and the employee needed to jog the lathe to lock the chuck. The lathe did not jog and instead began running at operational speed. The employee's gloved right hand was caught between the nylon strap and rotating metal part, resulting in a broken thumb, severed nerves and tendons, and severe tissue
2018-07-24Safety HarborFloridaDS Services of America, Inc.Hand(s) and finger(s)Injured by object breaking in hand
An employee was pulling a 5-gallon glass water bottle out from a holder. The bottle shattered, lacerating the employee's right little finger and severing nerves and two arteries in his hand.
2018-05-17Colorado SpringsColoradoDanielle Construction, LLC.Wrist(s)Injured by slipping or swinging object held by injured worker
An employee was cutting a 2x4 with a circular saw when the blade contacted and deeply cut his left wrist, wounding the muscle and nerves. He was hospitalized.
2017-08-11AlpenaMichiganDepartment of Interior, U.S. fish and Wildlife Service, Conservation officeHand(s)Machinery or equipment incident on water vehicle
An employee was onboard a 30-foot vessel and was repairing the gill net retriever assembly because the teeth would not fully close. Part of the employee's left hand was caught in the retriever which crushed tendons and nerves.
2017-06-16Overland ParkKansasFountain Glass, IncForearm(s)Injured by object breaking in hand
An employee was carrying a mirror into an apartment building through an interior staircase. As the employee was entering the doorway, the mirror inadvertently hit the doorframe. This caused the mirror to break. A portion of the mirror fell and lacerated the employee's left forearm, severing arteries and cutting two nerves.
2017-03-20YorkPennsylvaniaYork Wallcovering IncorporatedForearm(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery during maintenance, cleaning
An employee was operating a printing press when he attempted to clean debris from the press wheel. His hand was pulled into the rollers, and he suffered damaged nerves and swelling in his left arm up to the elbow.
2017-03-01WewokaOklahomaEXPANDED SOLUTIONS LLCFinger(s), fingernail(s)Struck by object or equipment dropped by injured worker
An employee was performing maintenance on a leveler machine. He was aligning the machine lid to put it back on, holding the lid with his right hand and his left hand was on the machine in a pinch point. As he was aligning the lid, it fell onto his left hand. The employee sustained broken bones and damage to blood vessels and nerves to his left ring and pinky fingers. The employee was admitted to the hospital and had surgery to pin the bones in his fingers.
2015-08-18New YorkNew YorkSkanska USA Inc.Finger(s), fingernail(s)Nonclassifiable
An employee slipped and lacerated nerves in the right-hand middle finger.