DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2021-10-05IrvingTxVCA Metroplex Animal HospitalHand(s)Other animal bites, nonvenomous
An employee was examining a cat when the cat bit their left hand.
2021-02-02WestonFlRam-Tech Construction Inc.Abdomen, except internal location of diseases or disordersExcavation or trenching cave-in
An employee was examining a conduit pipe in a 4-foot trench when he lost his balance and fell into the trench. The employee was then struck by soil when the wall of the trench collapsed, resulting in an injured spleen.
2020-10-09Mc CookIlWertheimer Box & Paper Corp.Fingertip(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery, n.e.c.
An operator was examining the stacking section on the folder glue machine and the stop feed mechanism amputated his left middle fingertip.
2020-05-28CamptiLouisianaKisatchie Chips IncLeg(s)Fall, slip, trip
An employee was standing on a concrete slab, examining a broken weld. He slipped on some wood chips and fell to the ground, suffering a broken leg. He was hospitalized and underwent surgery.
2020-02-17DallasTexasCityVet Inc LLCFinger(s), fingernail(s)Other animal bites, nonvenomous
An employee was examining a cat when the cat lunged at her and bit her right middle finger. She was hospitalized as a result of the animal bite.
2019-07-26ShelbinaMissouriMFA AGRI SERVICESLower leg(s)Struck by swinging or slipping object, other than handheld, n.e.c.
An employee was using a sprayer to spray a soybean field when a pin in the equipment broke. She was examining the sprayer's hydraulic hoses and loosened one when the spray boom dropped and struck her lower right leg, breaking it.
2019-04-12DenverColoradoVCA Alameda East Veterinary HospitalHand(s)Other animal bites, nonvenomous
An employee was examining an unresponsive cat when it suddenly awoke and became aggressive, biting the employee's right hand near the little finger.
2018-09-18BrooklynMississippiDUNN ROADBUILDERSLeg(s)Nonroadway collision with other vehicle
Two employees were working in a designated paving area. The first employee was operating an asphalt paver while a second employee was walking to the left of the paver, examining the paving, when a publicly owned vehicle veered into the designated paving area and struck the two employees. The first employee suffered fractures to the left leg, while the second employee suffered multiple fractures to the body.
2018-03-27New BedfordMassachusettTomra of North America, Inc.Leg(s)Pedestrian struck by vehicle in nonroadway area
An employee was examining the brakes of a trailer as part of a pre-use inspection when another employee moved the trailer and ran over his right leg, fracturing it.
2018-03-12New YorkNew YorkForward Mechanical Corp.ForeheadStruck by dislodged flying object, particle
An employee was examining a standpipe that had been disconnected when a standpipe valve struck and cut the employee above the eye.
2017-08-24VancleaveMississippiJohnson Tire Service LLCMultiple body partsFall on same level, n.e.c.
An employee was changing a tire on a piece of heavy mining equipment when the rim came off and struck the employee. The employee was thrown approximately 10 feet, breaking two arm bones and one rib. The employee as hospitalized.
2017-06-05SikestonMissouriHeartland Wood Products, IncFinger(s), fingernail(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery during regular operation
An employee was feeding wood pieces into a press machine while a coworker was behind the press determining why the air hose was not operating properly. The employee's right hand entered the point of operation, crushing his hand and amputating two fingers.
2017-04-27DaltonGeorgiaH B Fuller CompanyArm(s)Contact with hot objects or substances
An employee was examining a tank of hot resin when the mixer turned on and hot resin overflowed onto the employee's arms. The employee was hospitalized for first degree burns to both arms.
2016-02-23BostonMassachusettBoston Childrens HospitalAbdomen, except internal location of diseases or disordersFall on same level due to tripping over an object
An employee was examining the underside of a bus when he tripped over the vehicle jack and fell, suffering internal bleeding.
2016-02-22HoustonTexasShasta Beverage, Inc.Upper arm(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery during maintenance, cleaning
The employee was troubleshooting a case alignment problem on the can line palletizer and noticed that the can case was misaligned. While he was examining the layer formation section of the palletizer, the machine cycled. The layer formation bar hit and fractured his right forearm.
2015-09-02SavannahGeorgiaROGER WOODS FOOD, INC.Multiple body partsDirect exposure to electricity
An employee was examining electrical boxes to investigate a partial power loss within the facility. An arc flash occurred, and the employee suffered burns to the face, throat, and hands.