DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2020-06-15HoustonTexasFlow America, LLCFinger(s), fingernail(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery during regular operation
An employee was machining a component on a horizontal boring mill when the employee's glove was caught in the rotating boring instrument, resulting in the amputation of the employee's right hand thumb.
2020-06-11Texas CityTexasEntech Engineering Inc.Forearm(s)Explosion
An employee was conducting an emissions test of a nitrogen vaporizer unit inside an instrument test trailer when a pipe explosion occurred outside. Pieces of the steel pipe scattered in all directions, including toward the trailer. As a result, the employee suffered a fractured right radius bone, requiring hospitalization and surgery.
2018-01-11FreeportTexasZachary IndustrialBrainOther fall to lower level 26 to 30 feet
An employee was working at elevation, installing fitting support brackets on instrument air piping, when he fell 25 to 30 feet to the ground. He was tied off, but his fall protection disengaged about halfway down, allowing him to hit the ground. He suffered a fractured left forearm, multiple fractured ribs, a skull fracture, and a hematoma/brain bleed.
2017-08-08DerbyKansasRock Surgery CenterArm(s)Fall on same level due to slipping
An employee was washing surgical instruments in the decontamination room. She turned to take the instruments to the other sink, slipped and fell, sustaining a dislocation and a fractured humerus.
2017-01-23CharlestonIllinoisSarah Bush Lincoln Health Systems Hand(s), except finger(s)Injured by slipping or swinging object held by injured worker
On January 23, 2017, an employee was stuck on the palm of his hand by a dental hook while collecting instruments to be sanitized. The employee was hospitalized.
2016-08-19East LibertyOhioHONDA OF AMERICA MFG.Hip(s)Fall on same level while climbing stairs, steps, or curbs
An employee was hospitalized with a bruised right hip after tripping on some steps while retrieving an instrument panel.
2016-07-08DallasTexasDallas SymphonyMultiple body partsOther fall to lower level
An employee was unloading instruments on the top shelf of the dock storage rack. As he was climbing down the rack, he fell to the ground level below, fracturing his skull, clavicle, and vertebrae.
2016-02-21PottstownPennsylvaniaPottstown Memorial Medical CenterBack, including spine, spinal cordBending, crawling, reaching, twisting-single episode
An employee was moving a sterile processing tray, which contained surgery instruments and weighed approximately 28 pounds, when the tray started to tip. While trying to prevent the tray from tipping, the employee suffered a back strain and required hospitalization.
2016-02-16JeromeIdahoJerome Cheese, Co.NonclassifiableContact with hot objects or substances
An employee was calibrating a temperature instrument and was sprayed with hot water resulting in burns.
2015-12-10KodiakAlaskaVaisala IncAnkle(s)Other fall to lower level 6 to 10 feet
An employee climbed a fixed ladder on a conex to install weather instrumentation. The support rung at the top gave way and the employee fell approximately eight feet resulting in a broken left ankle that required surgery and hospitalization.
2015-10-19Lake Saint LouisMissouriSSM Health St. Joseph Hospital - Lake Saint LouisMultiple body partsFall on same level due to tripping over an object
An employee was passing instruments to the surgeon during a surgical procedure. The employee was turning around to the operating table to retrieve an instrument for the doctor when she tripped on the doctor's foot. She fell to the floor on her left side, fracturing her left shoulder and left hip.
2015-09-17VoorheesNew JerseyVirtua HospitalMultiple trunk locationsBending, crawling, reaching, twisting-single episode
An employee was picking up surgical instruments and twisted her chest and side.
2015-06-08CraigColoradoTRI-STATE GENERATION AND TRANSMISSION ASSOC, INC.Chest, except internal location of diseases or disordersStruck bump, hole, rough terrain on driving surface, nonroadway
An employee was working on a "Right of Way" on 6/8/2015. He forgot an instrument and got on an ATV to go back for it. While passing the "Right of Way" on a switchback, he hit something (presumably a rock or waterbar) and was thrown from the ATV at approximately 9 a.m. He suffered injuries to the shoulder blades, collarbone, and three ribs (broken) and required hospitalization.
2015-05-15ArlingtonTexasGeneral Motors Arlington Assembly PlantFinger(s), fingernail(s)Compressed or pinched by shifting objects or equipment
An employee was trying to install two fasteners that hold a dashboard instrument panel onto a firewall. The employee was wearing gloves; a finger on the glove got caught between the socket and the fastener, pulling the employee's finger into the socket and amputating it at the base.
2015-04-20BeaumontTexasNational Oilwell Varco - XL SystemsFinger(s), fingernail(s)Compressed or pinched by shifting objects or equipment
An employee was in the process of rolling a 22 inch diameter pipe with an instrument called a C-Bar (tool used to roll the pipe). His finger got caught between the C-Bar and the next joint of pipe to be rolled which resulted in an amputation.
2015-03-27Oyster CreekTexasFluor-Daniels CompanyNonclassifiableStruck by falling object or equipment, n.e.c.
Two employees were working in a JLG Lift to install instrument piping. An elevator door above them came loose from its slip and fell. The elevator door hit another object, which caused it to bounce outward and strike the lift basket and the injured employee.