DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2020-03-12Burr RidgeIllinoisSAIA MOTOR FREIGHTLINE LLCFoot (feet) and ankle(s)Pedestrian struck by vehicle in nonroadway area
On March 12, 2020, an employee was getting on a parked forklift and was struck by another forklift resulting in a broken left ankle and foot.
2020-01-02Merritt IslandFloridaJMAK Roofing IncCheek(s)Other fall to lower level
An employee was getting on a ladder to come down from a metal roof. The ladder slipped and fell from under him, and he fell to the ground. His cheekbone was broken.
2019-06-14MariannaFloridaMasonry IncorporatedLumbar regionFall through surface or existing opening 11 to 15 feet
On June 14, 2019, an employee was getting onto a scaffold to descend to the ground and retrieve more materials. When he stepped onto the unsecured planks, the planks fell off and he fell about 12 feet to the ground, landing on his feet. He sustained a fracture to his lower back and ruptured a lower back disc, requiring hospitalization.
2019-03-21ColumbusMississippiBaptist Memorial Hospital-Golden TriangleBODY SYSTEMSInhalation of harmful substance-single episode
An employee was getting off an elevator when she starting having respiratory problems from the cologne of someone getting on the elevator.
2019-03-13EllijayGeorgiaADUSA TransportaionArm(s)Fall, slip, trip
A truck driver slipped and fell while getting onto a truck, breaking his arm in three places.
2018-04-16SarasotaFloridaFlorida State Roofing and ConstructionThigh(s)Other fall to lower level 6 to 10 feet
An employee was getting off the roof of a single story house using a ladder. While getting on the ladder from the roof, he stepped on the first course tile adjacent to the ladder and it broke, causing him to lose his balance and fall about 10 feet to the driveway. He fractured his left femur, requiring hospitalization and surgery.
2018-03-19Prudhoe BayAlaskaDoyon Drilling, Inc.Multiple body partsOther fall to lower level less than 6 feet
An employee was exiting a rock crusher and getting onto a 6-foot step ladder. He was holding onto the handrail while getting his feet onto the ladder. His feet were on the second rung from the top when the ladder kicked out from underneath him. He held onto the handrail momentarily and then fell 4 to 5 feet to the ground (gravel pad), breaking his left wrist and suffering a small compression fracture in his lower back. He was hospitalized.
2017-08-26HoustonTexasUniversal Services of America LPAnkle(s)Other fall to lower level less than 6 feet
An employee was walking down a walking ramp and attempted to avoid a 2- to 4-inch puddle of water by getting on a side rail. She slipped on the side rail and landed awkwardly on her right ankle, breaking it in three places and requiring hospitalization.
2017-02-15AmherstMassachusettWest Shore Metals, LLCNonclassifiableOther fall to lower level
An employee fell to the frozen ground while getting on a steel frame to lay out decking.
2016-07-06BloomingtonIllinoisSpringfield Electric Supply CompanyBrainFall on same level
On or about July 6, 2016, an employee fell backwards while either getting on or getting off a chair/stool at the counter. She hit her head on an unknown object and was hospitalized.
2015-11-19BaytownTexasExel Inc.Foot (feet)Struck or run over by rolling powered vehicle
An employee was operating a rail king (equipment that moves rail cars) to couple two rail cars. The rail cars would not couple, so the employee bumped the rail cars and the front rail car started moving. The employee got off the rail king and attempted to get onto the moving rail car to set the brake. The employee slipped as he was getting onto the rail car and a wheel ran over his left foot amputating at least two toes. The employee was transported to the hospital where he underwent surgery