DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2019-08-27ColumbusOhioRcjk, LLC Abdomen, except internal location of diseases or disordersOverexertion in lifting-single episode
An employee was moving 40-pound crates from one spot to another when his gallbladder ruptured.
2018-03-02KnottTexasAAA Well Service, LLCAbdomen, except internal location of diseases or disordersStruck by object or equipment
A crew was rigging down when a weight bucket became hung up while the derrick was being scoped in. One of the employees pulled on the cable, causing the climbing assist weight to come loose and descend toward him. As a result, he let go of the line and was struck by the weight. He suffered a right arm fracture, broken ribs, and lacerations to his left gallbladder and kidney.