DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2021-09-09KissimmeeFlKrush AcquisitionsMultiple body partsContact with hot objects or substances
An employee and a mechanic were tightening up the compression bolts on a faulty hydraulic line when the line ruptured and hot hydraulic fluid covered the employee's upper body, resulting in thermal burns to their upper body.
2021-05-06WaunakeeWiOctopi Brewing, LLCMultiple body partsContact with hot objects or substances
An employee was filling a stainless steel batching table with hot water to begin a CIP cycle. Once the equipment filled with hot water, the pressure caused a faulty valve to open. The employee was sprayed with hot water and suffered second-degree burns to his arm, torso, and leg.
2021-02-24Oklahoma CityOkLocke Supply Co.Hip(s)Caught between rolling powered vehicle and other object
An associate was troubleshooting a faulty electrical component on a golf cart equipped with a flatbed when the cart energized and started to move backward. The associate grabbed the front of the cart; the cart's directional switch was then flipped, causing the cart to move forward and push him against a stationary forklift. The associate was hospitalized with a fractured right hip.
2021-02-20AlbertvilleAlEmmaus Foods LLCFingertip(s)Struck by falling object or equipment
An employee was working on top of a grading platform, replacing a faulty spring on a shaker. As the employee knocked on a bolt to get to the spring, the shaker dislodged and fell. It amputated the tip of the employee's right middle finger.
2021-02-16ThomsonGaShaw Industries Inc.Head and trunkContact with hot objects or substances
An electrician was replacing a faulty proximity switch in the communication control panel with a technician standing behind. After the electrician pressed the reset button on the control panel, a solenoid valve opened and released steam that contacted the technician who was hospitalized with burns to the left side of the face and back.
2021-01-29CenterTxPackers Sanitation Services, Inc.Eye(s)Exposure through intact skin, eyes, or other exposed tissue
An employee was operating a foamer when a faulty hose caused cleaning solution to be sprayed into the employee's eyes resulting in injury to his right eye. The employee was wearing goggles at the time.
2020-10-05SmyrnaGaGeorgia Power CompanyWrist(s) and arm(s)Direct exposure to electricity
Employees were repairing a distribution cable. One employee was trying to locate the faulty cable when it failed resulting in an arc flash that burned the employee's right wrist and forearm.
2020-03-11ArcadiaFloridaTHE QUIKRETE HOLDINGS, INC.Multiple body partsOther fall to lower level 11 to 15 feet
An employee was visually inspecting a faulty part for the cuber carrier. The employee had stepped out of the basket into the frame when the cuber carrier moved, causing him to lose balance and fall 12 to 13 feet onto a slat conveyor. The employee sustained fractures to the left wrist and left hip. Fall protection was not worn at the time of the incident.
2020-02-21HornbeckLouisianaSouthwestern Electric Power CompanyFinger(s), fingernail(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery during maintenance, cleaning
An employee was operating a digger derrick to dig for utility line access. While he was troubleshooting the faulty boom of the truck, his hand was placed on the boom, crushing his left ring finger.
2020-02-17TylerTexasTrane US, Inc.Fingertip(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery during maintenance, cleaning
An employee was troubleshooting a corner post part stacker to determine if there were any faulty sensors. The machine cycled and pushed a slide mechanism into the employee's hand, amputating the tip of the ring finger at the first joint.
2020-02-12AuroraColoradoMorindaNonclassifiableContact with cold objects or substances
An employee was changing a tank on a forklift. The valve was faulty and sprayed the employee with propane. The employee sustained frozen/burned skin and required a skin graft.
2019-05-20New YorkNew YorkTEC Building Systems, LLCMultiple trunk locationsContact with hot objects or substances
An employee was on a ladder troubleshooting a faulty CO2 sensor. As she was removing the existing mounting bracket, a hot water pipe became dislodged due to corrosion and sprayed her with hot water, causing her to dismount the ladder and fall on the floor. She suffered hot water burns on her upper and lower back and left ribs, as well as bruises from the fall.
2019-05-13NixonTexasBlue Dolphin Energy CompanyBrainFall on same level, n.e.c.
An employee fell back and struck his head on the ground after a faulty control valve back fired.
2019-01-02FairfieldOhioThe Martin Brower Co., LLCBODY SYSTEMSDirect exposure to electricity, greater than 220 volts
An employee was on an 8-foot fiberglass step ladder checking faulty LED lighting in the ceiling using a volt meter when the employee made contact with 277 volts and received an electrical shock. He fell to the floor, hitting his head.
2017-06-17ColumbusOhioKroger Columbus BakeryFingertip(s)Compressed or pinched by shifting objects or equipment
An employee was replacing a magnet on a faulty pump when his left middle fingertip was pinched and lacerated between the magnet and the pump. He was hospitalized and had surgery.
2017-06-15Pleasant PrairieWisconsinThe Olds Products Company of IllinoisFingertip(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery during maintenance, cleaning
An employee was manually turning the belts on a faulty cracking mill when it suddenly turned on and amputated one of his fingertips. The mill machine was not locked out at the time.
2017-01-11BeloitWisconsinAmerican Aluminum Extrusion Company, LLCFingertip(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery during regular operation
An employee was moving warped metal from one conveyor to another when a faulty control switch caused a retractable conveyor to extend and pinch the employee's finger. The fingertip was medically amputated.
2016-10-10Chagrin FallsOhioDeBord Heating & Air Conditioning IncFaceContact with hot objects or substances
An employee was servicing a gas boiler system and was burned on the head/face due to a faulty gas valve.
2016-08-08RochesterNew YorkRoberts Wesleyan CollegeNonclassifiableContact with hot objects or substances
An employee was working on a faulty water cannon and was standing in front of it. The cannon motor did not stop running and hot water (being hot from the sun) escaped, burning the employee. The employee was hospitalized.
2016-07-19Fort BlissTexasPride IndustriesWrist(s)Other fall to lower level 11 to 15 feet
An employee was climbing a ladder, slipped due to a faulty grab bar, and fell approximately 12 feet. He was admitted to the hospital for a broken wrist and a bruise to the head.
2016-01-21RedlakeMinnesotaU.S. Postal Service Redlake Post OfficeBODY SYSTEMSInhalation of harmful substance-single episode
On January 21, 2016, an employee smelled something and became lightheaded while sorting mail into post office boxes. She was hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning due to a faulty heat exchanger on the building furnace.
2015-08-03EllenwoodGeorgiaComcast, Inc.Forearm(s)Other fall to lower level
An employee climbed up a ladder to replace a faulty aerial drop at the mid-span connection point. He fell from the ladder and sustained a left forearm compound fracture.
2015-07-27HoustonTexasCamarata Masonry Systems, Ltd.Lower leg(s)Struck by falling object or equipment
A faulty crate of stone weighing approximately 300 pounds tipped over and hit an employee in the leg, breaking his right shin. The employee required surgery.
2015-07-17AustinTexas6B Plumbing, LLCFoot (feet) and ankle(s)Other fall to lower level 21 to 25 feet
An employee was unloading water heaters from a forklift. The heater box bottom was faulty and came loose, causing a shift in weight that resulted in the employee falling two stories. The employee's feet and ankles broke.
2015-05-21Grand IslandNebraskaHORNADY MANUFACTURING COFinger(s), fingernail(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery during regular operation
An employee was operating an ammunition loading machine. One cartridge did not have a bullet seated in the opening, so he reached into the opening to remove the faulty cartridge. His finger got caught by the transfer bar (feeding mechanism).
2015-01-09MidlandTexasPropetrol Services Inc. Fingertip(s)Caught in running equipment or machinery during maintenance, cleaning
On or about January 9, 2014 at about 0535 hrs an employee of Propetrol Services Inc. was repairing a pump at the Mabee 139-202 HA well site 10 miles north of Midland Texas. When he reached into the pump to repair a faulty plunger, the unit "kicked" and amputated the tip of his right middle finger. He was driven to Medical Center Hospital in Odessa Texas where the prognosis was that the flesh portion not the bone will be amputated.