DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2021-09-14Rego ParkNyNew Hampshire House CondominiumBrainFall onto or against object on same level, n.e.c.
An employee was moving a garbage cart from a compactor. He fell and hit his head on a pipe, suffering internal bleeding in the cranium.
2019-02-02Big LakeTexasB L Casing ServicesMultiple body partsStruck by object falling from vehicle or machinery-other than vehicle part
An employee was standing on a drilling rig when a piece of guarding fell from the tower and struck the employee's head, causing a contusion to the left eye, a laceration to the cranium, and fractures to cervical vertebrae and the left scapula.
2019-01-03EdgertonKansasJ.B. Hunt Transport Inc.Multiple head locationsPedestrian struck by forward-moving vehicle in nonroadway area
A J.B. Hunt employee was walking across a crosswalk toward his parked truck. He was struck by another J.B. Hunt employee in his personal vehicle, suffering microfractures around the left eye, a bruised right knee, and a fractured cranium on the left side near his hairline.
2017-05-09PlainsTexasWestex/WLP & WLP Enegy servicesBrainStruck by object or equipment
An employee was running rods in a hole when the rod transfer cable failed, allowing the rod to move uncontrollably. It struck the employee on the left side of the neck and cranium. He lost consciousness and suffered blood clots, requiring hospitalization.
2017-02-02SeminoleTexasBritt Trucking CompanyThoracic regionOther fall to lower level 11 to 15 feet
An employee was setting up a drilling rig when he fell approximately 14 feet off the substructure. He suffered damaged vertebrae and a cranium laceration, requiring hospitalization.
2016-05-10LombardIllinoisInterline Brands Inc. BrainOther fall to lower level
An employee was using an order picker to select cartons from an elevation when he fell and struck his cranium on the walking surface, requiring hospitalization.
2015-04-20AmarilloTexasTyson Fresh MeatsBrainOther fall to lower level
On or about 20 April 2015 at approximately 1644 hrs an employee was hospitalized after a blunt force injury to the cranium. The employee was working on the gut table when he stepped on a bladder bag causing the employee to lose his balance and fall off of the table striking the posterior section of his cranium. The employee received a laceration to the posterior cranium and was admitted to the hospital.
2015-04-20LevellandTexasWest Texas Services Inc.SkullFall or jump from vehicle in normal operation, roadway
On or about 20 April 2015 at approximately 1345 hrs, an employee suffered a fractured skull and surgical removal of bone from the cranial vault. The employee was riding on the open tailgate of a moving utility cargo vehicle when he fell off of the tail gate and impacted the asphalt with his cranium (Left side frontal temporal region).