DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2019-05-20New YorkNew YorkTEC Building Systems, LLCMultiple trunk locationsContact with hot objects or substances
An employee was on a ladder troubleshooting a faulty CO2 sensor. As she was removing the existing mounting bracket, a hot water pipe became dislodged due to corrosion and sprayed her with hot water, causing her to dismount the ladder and fall on the floor. She suffered hot water burns on her upper and lower back and left ribs, as well as bruises from the fall.
2017-08-28CarpinteriaCaliforniaPacific Operators OffshoreTrunkStruck by object falling from vehicle or machinery-other than vehicle part
Employees were conducting routine maintenance for corrosion control/rust prevention cleaning of a wellhead. They were needle gunning and removed the bolts on a clamp that keeps the wellhead and oil tree together. When they removed the bolts, it created a pressure gap that dislodged the oil tree. The 2,000-pound tree then fell on top of the injured employee, crushing the employee's torso. The employee experienced difficulty breathing and possible internal, minor bleeding and bruising.
2017-02-08North HavenConnecticutTown Fair TireHand(s)Struck by dislodged flying object, particle
An employee was using a wire wheel to remove corrosion when a filament from the wire wheel flew off and embedded itself in his hand. He was hospitalized for surgery.