DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2021-11-16Colorado SpringsCoTri Star MasonryMultiple body partsFall from collapsing structure or equipment 16 to 20 feet
An employee was tendering the grout pipe line to the wall of structure. He jumped from a higher level down onto the planks of the scaffold on a lower level, collapsing the planks and falling 17 feet to the ground. The employee sustained a compound fracture on the lower left leg and a fractured spine.
2020-09-25HarrisonOhCincinnati IncorporatedChest, except internal location of diseases or disordersStruck by falling object or equipment, n.e.c.
An employee was collapsing a portable paint booth when the booth tipped forward and landed on them. The employee sustained fractured ribs.
2020-08-25BlythevilleArCalstrip Steel Corp.Finger(s), fingernail(s)Caught in or compressed by equipment or objects
An employee was removing a small strap coil band from an arbor by sliding off the uncoiler drum. The drum was still collapsing to allow the coil to be removed, and as it closed it crushed and broke the employee's right ring and little fingers.
2019-07-07FriendswoodTexasKroger Texas, LP #744BODY SYSTEMSExposure to environmental heat
An employee was in the parking lot collecting carts and collapsed. She had been outside for approximately 15 minutes before collapsing. She was hospitalized for a heat induced seizure.
2019-05-17CluteTexasKroger Texas, LPFingertip(s)Compressed or pinched by shifting objects or equipment
An employee was collapsing an empty wire display bin and amputated the tip of her right middle finger near the first joint.
2018-09-27MadisonWisconsinAdams Outdoor Advertising, Inc.Elbow(s)Fall from collapsing structure or equipment 6 to 10 feet
An employee was wearing a harness and tied off to an advertising sign that he was disassembling with an oxy/fuel torch when two fighter jets flew overhead and caused the cut members to vibrate and collapse. The employee "rode" the collapsing structure down and hit his elbow on the steel, breaking a bone. The structure was approximately 17 feet in height and the employee fell approximately 6 feet.
2018-08-10BartowFloridaWharton-SmithFinger(s), fingernail(s)Struck against stationary object or equipment, n.e.c.
An employee was collapsing forms when his finger slid down the side of the form and was amputated.
2018-07-03WaxahachieTexasCardinal Glass IndustriesFinger(s), fingernail(s)Compressed or pinched by shifting objects or equipment
While an employee was collapsing a folding table, the metal hinge trapped his right little finger, causing an amputation.
2017-09-26FarmersvilleTexasRise BroadbandAnkle(s)Fall from collapsing structure or equipment
An employee was checking the position of a radio tower when it began to collapse. He jumped off the collapsing tower and shattered his ankle.
2017-03-10CokerAlabamaArsenault ConstructionLeg(s)Fall from collapsing structure or equipment
An employee fell from a collapsing cantilever scaffold and suffered a compound fracture to the right leg.
2016-07-11RankinTexasBasic Energy Services, Inc.BODY SYSTEMSNonclassifiable
An employee was laying down rods that were being removed from an oil well when he began to feel fatigued and lightheaded before collapsing to his knees.
2016-06-16HartfordConnecticutJarosz Welding Co. Inc.Leg(s)Struck, caught, or crushed in collapsing structure, equipment, or material, n.e.c.
An employee was checking piece numbers on structural steel beams that were stacked one on top of another when a piece of cribbing broke and collapsed the stack of beams. The employee could not get out of the way fast enough and the collapsing steel fell on his leg, pinning it under the beams. He was hospitalized with a broken/fractured right leg.
2016-05-24CordeleGeorgiaFusion Fabrication and Maintenance, Inc. Hip(s)Other fall to lower level
An employee was working from an aerial lift to install purlins on a steel shed when the shed shifted and collapsed. The collapsing building struck the aerial lift, causing it to turn over. The employee hit the ground, breaking his hip.
2016-02-23Little RockArkansasW & W AFCO STEELMultiple trunk locationsStruck by falling object or equipment, n.e.c.
An employee was loading a stack of steel beams when they fell on top of him, fracturing his pelvis and collapsing his lung.