DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2021-11-08BeckleyWvLOWES HOME CENTERS, INC.Arm(s)Fall on same level due to tripping over an object
An employee was carrying cinder blocks when they tripped and fell over other cinder blocks in the aisleway. A cinder block landed on their arm, resulting in a fracture.
2020-10-20HoustonTxMomentum SolarFoot (feet) and ankle(s)Other fall to lower level
An employee was using a ladder to climb down from the roof. The employee slipped from the rungs of the ladder and fell onto cinder blocks and the ground. The employee fractured bones in their ankle, foot and heel.
2019-06-10GorhamMaineC.M. Cimino, Inc.NonclassifiableStruck, caught, or crushed in other collapsing structure or equipment
An employee was knocking down a cinder block wall when the block wall fell on and injured him, requiring hospitalization.
2019-05-06Logan TownshipNew JerseyCapstone LogisticsAnkle(s) and leg(s)Caught between rolling powered vehicle and other object
An employee loaded pallets onto a pallet jack. When he started moving the jack his leg was pinned between the pallet jack and a cinder block wall. The employee sustained a fracture to the lower leg and ankle, and a laceration to the heel.
2018-06-27ClarksvilleArkansasRBD Construction, Inc.Upper and lower limb(s)Other fall to lower level 6 to 10 feet
An employee was laying decking material for a reinforced concrete roof. The employee was not able to get decking material under a piece of bent rebar. The employee was attempting to bend the rebar up when it suddenly became free from the cinder block wall, causing the employee to lose balance at the leading edge and fall approximately 10 feet to the floor. The employee fractured the left wrist and femur.
2017-09-20HavensvilleKansasWestar EnergyChest, except internal location of diseases or disordersOther fall to lower level 6 to 10 feet
An employee was exiting the bucket of a bucket truck when he fell approximately 6 feet, striking an adjacent pickup truck and cinder block. He suffered a laceration to the left side of his head and broken ribs on his left side.
2017-07-06MariannaFloridaChipola Propane Gas Co.ScalpFall on same level, n.e.c.
An employee stumbled, fell backward, and hit his head on cinder blocks. He lost consciousness and suffered a laceration to the back of his head, requiring hospitalization.
2017-07-04PittstonPennsylvaniaPrime IncorporatedEye(s)Injured by handheld object or equipment, n.e.c.
An employee was using an industrial hand drill to make a hole in a cinder block. The drill bit caught a snag and the drill spun around in the employee's hand, causing him to lose his grip. He was then struck by the drill and suffered an orbital bone fracture on his face and blood clot behind his eye.
2017-06-03HoustonTexasDiscount Renovations, Inc.BrainExcavation or trenching cave-in
On 6/3/2017, an employee was working in a trench to erect a retaining wall to insert a large machine. During the work process, the concrete company had to remove the trench walls so that the work crew inside the trench could apply mortar to a pre-set area where the cinder blocks were to be placed. As the concrete crew removed the walls, the side of the trench collapsed and toppled onto the injured employee. He suffered forehead lacerations and bruising and temporarily lost consciousness. He was
2016-09-16EaganMinnesotaU.S. Postal Service Minneapolis/St. Paul NDCUpper arm(s)Fall on same level due to tripping over an object
On or about September 16, 2016, at 1:45 AM, an employee walked outside to speak with a driver at the gate. The employee tripped over a cinder block and fell to the ground, suffering a shattered bone between the left shoulder and elbow.
2016-06-14StoughtonMassachusettRepublic ServicesFinger(s), fingernail(s)Struck by or caught in swinging door or gate
An employee was servicing a customer's compactor that was inside a large cinder block enclosure with two access gates. As he was closing the left gate, a gust of wind quickly blew the gate closed, pinching his thumb where the gates meet in the middle. He suffered a partial finger amputation.
2016-05-26Fort GordonGeorgiaPenhall CompanyLumbar regionStruck by object or equipment dropped by other person
An employee was drilling a hole in the foundation when a cinder block fell from the third floor and struck him, causing contusions to his lower back and kidney. He was hospitalized.
2016-03-24StarMississippiHermetic Rush Services , Inc.Hip(s)Other fall to lower level
An employee was changing the light bulb beneath the diving board in a drained swimming pool. The employee then slipped along the sloping wall and fell onto a cinder block located on the bottom of the pool, suffering a possible broken hip.
2015-12-18League CityTexasWinco MasonryFinger(s), fingernail(s)Injured by slipping or swinging object held by injured worker
An employee operating a 20 inch masonry saw to cut cinder block amputated his left thumb when the saw kicked back.
2015-08-26MiamiFloridaNORCA AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION, CORP.SkullStruck by falling object or equipment
An employee was struck by falling concrete cinder blocks while walking underneath a bridge and sustained a skull fracture.