DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2020-06-29WilmingtonDelawarePEPSI BEVERAGES COMPANYMultiple body partsPedestrian struck by vehicle in nonroadway area
An employee was loading a pallet full of beverages when a forklift struck him and pinned him between two pallets. He suffered a broken ankle and hip.
2020-02-24ManorvilleNew YorkLiberty Coca-Cola BeveragesAbdomen, except internal location of diseases or disordersOverexertion in lifting-single episode
An employee was repairing a clogged drain on an automatic beverage machine at a restaurant. The employee heard a popping noise while lifting the machine over drain pipes. The employee sustained a hernia.
2020-02-21BroussardLouisianaNUCO2Foot (feet)Other jump to lower level
After running overhead beverage lines in a restaurant, an employee jumped off a ladder, landed wrong, and suffered a broken foot. He was hospitalized, requiring surgery.
2019-09-11HoustonTexasAmerican Bottling CompanyBODY SYSTEMSExposure to environmental heat
An employee had completed his route of delivering beverages when he became ill, requiring hospitalization for heat exhaustion.
2019-08-27BeaumontTexasDel Papa Distrubuting Company (Beaumont)BODY SYSTEMSExposure to environmental heat
An employee was having shortness of breath and difficulty breathing while delivering beverages to various locations. The employee was hospitalized for dehydration.
2018-09-05KennesawGeorgiaNuCO2, LLCThigh(s)Other fall to lower level 6 to 10 feet
An employee was climbing up a 6-foot ladder to install a carbonated beverage line above a restaurant ceiling. The ladder shifted and he fell to the floor, breaking his right leg just above the knee.
2018-08-26Corpus ChristiTexasCoca-Cola SW BeveragesChest, except internal location of diseases or disordersShooting by other person-intentional
An employee was waiting in his vehicle for a beverage delivery truck to arrive at the parking lot of a convenience store. The employee's job was to stock merchandise at the convenience store. While waiting in his car, he was shot twice in the chest by a gunman.
2018-05-14New AlbanyOhioNew Albany Country ClubPelvisNonroadway collision with object other than vehicle, n.e.c.
An employee was driving a beverage cart around a golf course when a drawer on the cart opened and became caught on a fence, causing the driver to be thrown from the cart and the cart to flip. The beverage cart landed on top of the employee, who suffered two pelvic fractures.
2018-03-22MaricopaArizonaYoung Market CompanyElbow(s)Other fall to lower level
An employee was delivering beverages to a customer location. He climbed onto the rear of the truck, stepped onto a concrete wall and climbed over the safety rail. His foot got caught on the rail and he fell forward onto the concrete surface resulting in an elbow injury.
2018-01-09New CastleDelawareCanada Dry Bottling Company of New CastleLeg(s)Collision between a moving and standing vehicle, nonroadway
An employee was using a walkie rider pallet jack to load cases of beverages into a delivery truck. He lost control as he approached the back of the truck, and his foot slipped off the walkie rider. His left leg was then caught between the front of the walkie rider and the truck bumper, suffering soft tissue damage that required hospitalization and surgery.
2017-06-10BloomfieldConnecticutWintonbury Hills Golf Management LLCAnkle(s)Fall on same level
An employee flipped over a beverage cart and broke her ankle.
2017-05-23DothanAlabamaHealthSouth Corporation Leg(s)Fall on same level due to slipping
An employee was preparing coffee beverages and food items for patients in the work area when she slipped on water and fell onto the floor, fracturing her right leg and requiring hospitalization.
2017-02-10Palm SpringsFloridaSOUTHERN GLAZER'S WINE AND SPIRITS, LLCFinger(s), fingernail(s)Struck by falling object or equipment, n.e.c.
On February 10, 2017, at about 2:00 PM, an employee was making a beverage delivery with a hand cart loaded with cases. While descending the ramp, the cases started to fall and as he attempted to catch them, his right hand contacted the ramp and his right middle fingertip was lacerated, causing the loss of his finger nail. He was admitted the hospital for surgery.
2016-03-01ShreveportLouisianaRed River Beverage Group, LLCBrainOther fall to lower level less than 6 feet
An employee was pulling a cart filled with beverages onto the lift gate of a truck when his foot got tangled in the lift gate safety chains. He fell off the lift gate onto the concrete ground, suffering head trauma.
2015-11-02TwinsburgOhioDr. Pepper Snapple GroupBrainOther fall to lower level
A delivery driver was in the process of delivering beverages when he fell off of the lift gate. He was found on the ground unconscious and bleeding from the head.
2015-10-03LansdalePennsylvaniaZEIGLER'S BEVERAGE COMPANYChest, except internal location of diseases or disordersStruck bump, hole, rough terrain on driving surface, nonroadway
An employee was driving a truck, jockeying trailers around in the yard of a beverage manufacturer. The employee later experienced shortness of breath and chest pain, requiring hospitalization for a collapsed lung.
2015-06-23SpringfieldMissouriBUSKE LOGISTICSChest, except internal location of diseases or disordersStruck by falling object or equipment
A temporary employee and three to four additional temporary and permanent employees were attempting to down-stack leaning pallets of product (canned and bottled beverages) from a stack of three loaded pallets. The stack was approximately 15-20 feet high. The pallets fell, for an unknown reason, and the temporary employee was pinned under product and pallets against the wall. He suffered a broken femur and fibula, broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a possible lacerated spleen. He was hospitalized