DateCityStateEmployerBody PartEvent
2020-09-17EnglewoodCoFlynn BEC LPHand(s) and arm(s)Ignition of vapors, gases, or liquids
An employee was hot air welding PVC roof seams and transitioning to a new location on a roof when his extension cord bumped a gallon container of acetone. The container began to tip and he tried to catch it with his right hand. Some contents spilled and were subsequently ignited by a flameless hot air welder that was approximately 2 feet away. His pants and shirt caught fire, and he received second degree burns to his right hand, arm, and bicep. He was hospitalized.
2020-09-07EvanstonIlNorthwestern UniversityMultiple body partsIgnition of vapors, gases, or liquids
A graduate student was performing an experiment under a fume hood. Fumes from the acetone and the ether the student was using ignited and the employee suffered second-degree burns to the torso and hands.
2019-04-15AddisonIllinoisKribha Distribution CoUpper and lower limb(s)Ignition of vapors, gases, or liquids
On April 15, 2019, an employee was cleaning tables in the warehouse area with acetone. The employee heated up the acetone and the solvent ignited, burning him below the knee, on both legs, and the right hand.
2019-02-04Hot SpringsArkansasAluma-Weld, Inc.NonclassifiableIgnition of vapors, gases, or liquids
There was a fire in the foam department. An employee knocked over a bucket of acetone which splashed onto his clothes. The clothes ignited and the employee was burned.
2018-07-17RochesterNew YorkHughesco of Rochester Leg(s)Ignition of vapors, gases, or liquids
An employee was using acetone to clean dripping foam insulation from a basement wall when the pilot light flame of a hot water tank ignited the acetone fumes, causing first, second, and third degree burns to the employee's legs.
2016-04-08CentraliaIllinoisThe Swan CorporationHand(s)Ignition of vapors, gases, or liquids
An employee was cleaning a mixer using acetone when a flash fire occurred. The employee received burns to both hands.