Industrial crop driers are used to dry crops in a controlled environment. They are large and expensive machines that use heat and fans to remove moisture from the crops. The aim is to get the crops as dry as possible so that they can be sold or stored.

When it comes to crop driers, there are a few things to keep in mind if you or a loved one is ever involved in an accident. Here are a few types of accidents that crop driers can cause:

1. Steam explosion: This is when high-pressure steam builds up in the drier’s boiler and explodes. This can be dangerous both to those inside the machine and to bystanders in the area.

2. Fire: A fire can occur in any type of dryer, but especially ones that use gas or oil as their heating source. If this happens, it can be incredibly dangerous not just for those inside the machine, but also for anyone who comes in contact with the flames.

3. Electrical Shock: If the power to a crop drier malfunctions, it can result in an electric shock. Anyone who is near a dryer when this happens should take immediate safety precautions, including staying away from any wires or electrical equipment that may have been damaged in the accident.

Other injuries caused by crop driers can include:

-Burns from the hot exhaust gases
-Scalds from the hot water spray
-Falls from a height due to the machine tipping over

If you have been injured by a crop drier, contact an attorney. Crop driers are dangerous machines that can cause serious injury. If you have suffered an injury as a result of a crop drier, it is important to speak with an attorney who will be able to help you navigate the legal system and obtain the compensation you deserve.