A Combing Machine is a machine used to remove impurities from raw wool. The wool is first fed into a roller that opens up the fibers. Then, the wool is combed through a series of metal teeth that remove any remaining impurities. Finally, the wool is wound onto a spool and ready to be used to make products such as clothing and carpets.

There are many industrial combing machines that are used in a variety of industries. These machines use hundreds of metal wires to separate fibers and other materials. Special gear guards are needed to prevent contact with the teeth of the machine. Injuries can also occur if the machine falls or if it becomes ‘hung up’. The most common type of accident is when people get their fingers caught in the machine. This can happen when people are trying to clear a jam or when they are putting their hand in to retrieve something that has fallen out. To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep your fingers away from the moving parts of the machine and to never put your hand in while the machine is running. If you are injured by an industrial combing machine, you may be able to file a lawsuit so you should contact an attorney as soon as possible.