A cattle oiler is a machine used to oil cattle. It consists of a large tank on the back of a truck, and a number of smaller tanks that hang from the main tank. The main tank is filled with synthetic oil, and the smaller tanks are filled with different types of lubricants. When the truck arrives at the farm, the driver unloads the main tank and sets it up on the ground. He or she then takes off all of the small tanks, and sets them next to or behind the main tank. Next, he or she starts the engine and drives it towards the cattle. As soon as it gets close enough, he or she turns off the engine and starts spraying oil onto the cows.

There are a few different types of cattle oiler accidents. The most common type of cattle oiler accident is when the truck is coming to a complete stop, and the oiler’s nozzle squirts out not too far, hitting the side of the truck. This causes the oil to accumulate and can cause a fire. Another type of cattle oiler accident is when the oiler doesn’t have enough control over his nozzle, and it shoots out in all directions. This can hit other vehicles or people, and can also cause a fire. Finally, the oiler’s nozzle sometimes malfunctions, and instead of spraying oil, it sends a stream of flames shooting out from the end. This is called an uncontrolled flame-out, and it can be very dangerous for both the oiler and those around him.

If you have been injured by a cattle or farm equipment, contact an attorney. These types of accidents can be very serious, and you may be entitled to compensation.