In Carlsbad, California, machinery accidents are fairly common. A lot of the blame can be put on the fact that there is a lot of oil and gas production in the area. This type of production often requires large machines that are difficult to maneuver. Additionally, these machines can be dangerous if they’re not handled properly. As a result, Carlsbad has a higher rate of machinery accidents. Another reason for this high rate of accidents is the lack of training that many workers have.  This means that they’re not aware of the dangers posed by these machines. In addition, many workers don’t wear protective gear when they’re working with machinery. This is especially true in areas where there’s a risk of exposure to oil and gas. There are ways to reduce the risks posed by machinery accidents in Carlsbad. For example, employers can provide workers with training about how to use machinery safely. They can also require employees to wear protective gear whenever they’re working with dangerous machines. If you have been injured in an accident contact a personal injury lawyer today.

Manufacturing Companies

There are many different types of manufacturing companies located in Carlsbad California. These businesses create a variety of products, ranging from medical equipment to aircraft parts.

Callaway Golf Company
Viasat, Inc.
Maxlinear, Inc.
Zodiac Pool Solutions LLC
Life Technologies Corporation
Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Aih, LLC
Akcea Therapeutics, Inc.
Arlo Technologies, Inc.
Alphatec Holdings, Inc.
Seaspine Holdings Corporation
Natural Alternatives International, Inc.
Genmark Diagnostics, Inc.


Machinery Accidents

There have been several machinery accidents in Carlsbad California over the years. One notable accident occurred in December of 2016 when a worker was killed after being caught in a piece of machinery. The worker was cleaning the machinery when he was caught and pulled into it. Another accident occurred in March of 2017 when a worker’s hand was amputated after it became caught in a machine.

Although no one ever wants to be involved in a machinery accident, unfortunately, they do happen. If you or someone you know has been injured in a Carlsbad California machinery accident, it is important to seek out an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.