Burnishing Machines are used to smooth the surface of metals by rubbing them with a series of finely honed cloths. This process is called burnishing and it is one of the most important steps in the production of high-quality metal parts. The machines use a rotating abrasive wheel to remove material, leaving a smooth finish. They are used in manufacturing industries.

Burnishing machines are devices used to polish metals. However, because these machines are so precise and delicate, they can also cause injuries when used improperly. Here are the most common burnishing machine injuries:

-Cuts: When the burnisher hits a sharp edge on the metal, it can cut into the skin. This can happen when the burnisher is too forceful or when the metal is not sufficiently smooth.

-Burns: The heat from the burnisher can cause burns. This happens when the user is not careful and puts their hand on heated parts of the machine. Burns can be very serious and require medical attention.

-Injuries to hands and wrists: Because wrists are so small and delicate, they can easily become injured if not used properly. The user might not be aware that they are using the machine incorrectly and end up injuring their hand.

-Injuries to eyes: Burnishers can also cause eye injuries if they hit the user directly or if they the cause pieces of material to fly off of the machine during use. If you suffer from any of these injuries, don’t hesitate to seek medical help.

If you have been injured by a burnishing machine, contact an attorney. The manufacturer may be liable for their machine, so it is important to speak with a lawyer to help you receive the compensation you deserve.