Blast cleaning is a type of cleaning where large volumes of water, steam, or other cleaning fluids are used to clean large areas quickly. The work can be extremely hazardous, and as a result, many workers in the industry are at risk for injuries.

The most common type of blast cleaning equipment is the compressed air cannon. These cannons use high-pressure air to shoot jets of air at high speed towards surfaces. The force of the air blasts can dislodge large amounts of dirt and debris from the surface, which can then be swept away by the machine’s moving parts.

The dangers posed by compressed air cannons depend largely on how they are used. When used correctly, these cannons are extremely safe; however, misuse can lead to injuries. Common safety hazards include over-pressurization of the cannon barrel and failure to properly guard against flying debris.

When used incorrectly, compression cannons can create dangerous conditions inside the barrel. Over pressurization can cause the barrel to burst, showering

Serious Injuries

The blast cleaning industry is one of the most hazardous in the world. Cleaners are constantly exposed to dangerous high pressure chemicals and particles while working. Injuries can occur at any point during the cleaning process. The most common injuries are Burns, Injuries to the Eyes and Ears, and Injuries to the Hands.

Burns from hot liquids, solvents, and powder can be severe and require immediate medical attention. Injuries to the eyes can cause permanent damage, including loss of vision. Ears can also be injured by exposure to high levels of sound or by contact with chemicals. Injuries to the hands can be caused by contact with acids, caustics, or abrasive particles.

Injuries can also come from high-pressure water, foam, and other cleaning agents that get propelled into the face, body, or clothing. Other causes of injury include falls from height and being struck by objects thrown during the cleaning process.

If you are injured while performing a job in the blast cleaning industry, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. You may also be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you are injured on the job. Also, it’s important to contact an attorney. There are laws that protect you from dangerous equipment, and an attorney can help you navigate  those laws