In Arlington, Texas, there have been a number of machinery accidents. This is due in part to the fact that Arlington is a large city with many construction sites and businesses. In addition, many people are not familiar with the dangers of machinery and are not aware of the precautions that they need to take when working around it. If you are injured in an Arlington machinery accident, you may be entitled to compensation. You should contact an attorney as soon as possible after the accident to discuss your case.

Manufacturing Companies

Arlington Texas is home to a wide variety of manufacturing companies. Some of the more well-known companies based in Arlington include

Petmate Holdings Co.
Oil States Industries, Inc.
Arcosa Materials, Inc.
Cummins Southern Plains LLC
Trnlwb, LLC
Huntsman Building Solutions (usa) LLC
Air Power, Inc.
Progressive Incorporated
Lane Supply, Inc.
RSI Partners, LLC
Indian Industries, L.P.
Gamma2 LLC
Kinro Texas Limited Partnership
Paragon Furniture, Inc.

This region is also home to many smaller manufacturing companies that produce specialized equipment or products.

Machinery Accidents

Machinery accidents have occurred in Arlington Texas since the beginning of time. Whether it’s a tractor-trailer jackknifing on I-30, an excavator tipping over at a construction site, or a forklift crashing into a building, these accidents can cause significant damage and injury.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a machinery accident, don’t wait to contact an Arlington Texas machinery accident lawyer. A skilled attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve, and may be able to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Here are recent machinery accidents in Arlington that you may want to be aware of: