Industrial aerial work platforms are known for their ability to lift heavy objects. They come in two types: hydraulic or electric truck or carrier mounted. Hydraulic platforms are powered by hydraulics, which provide the lifting power. Electric platforms use electric motors to power the lifting and moving of the platform. Both types of platforms are used for a variety of tasks, such as construction, manufacturing, and agriculture.

An industrial aerial work platform is an important piece of equipment in a work site. The platforms are used to provide a safe and secure way to work overhead. However, accidents can occur when workers are using these platforms. Here are the three most common types of accidents involving industrial aerial work platforms:

1. Truck or carrier mounted aerial work platforms can fall off the truck or carrier when the platform is not properly secured. This can cause serious injuries to the worker.

2. Hydraulic aerial work platforms can malfunction and suddenly become unstable, causing the platform to fall off the boom or tower. This can lead to serious injuries to the worker.

3. Electric aerial work platforms can fail due to electrical issues, causing the platform to become unstable and potentially fall off the tower or boom. This can also lead to serious injuries to the worker.

If you have been injured by an aerial work platform , you should contact an attorney. These types of injuries can be very serious and often require extensive medical care and rehabilitation.